There’s a little known risk to small children.

This video references US statistics. Please explore the site for the Canadian figures.

Coin lithium button batteries can cause
 severe injuries when swallowed.

Electronic devices are a part of daily life, and they’re getting smaller, slimmer and sleeker. Inside the battery compartment of mini remote controls, small calculators, watches, key fobs, flameless candles, singing greeting cards and other electronics, may be a very powerful coin-sized button battery. When swallowed, these batteries can get stuck in the throat and cause severe burns. Small children often have easy access to these devices, and many parents do not know there is a risk.

Preventing Injuries. Protecting Families.

The Battery Controlled is a campaign supported by Energizer Canada, in association with Safe Kids Canada to alert parents and other caregivers to the hidden danger of swallowing coin lithium button batteries.

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